Personalized Healthcare Consultation:

 We offer individualized consultations to understand your unique healthcare needs and provide guidance on the best alternative coverage options available after losing Medicaid.

Coverage Assessment and Comparison:

Our team will assess your eligibility and help you compare different healthcare plans, including ACA plans and state-sponsored programs, to find the coverage that aligns with your healthcare requirements and budget.

Application Assistance:

 Navigating the application process for alternative healthcare coverage can be complex. We provide expert assistance in completing the necessary paperwork, ensuring that your application is accurate and submitted on time.

Financial Assistance Evaluation:

 Determining your eligibility for subsidies and tax credits can significantly impact your healthcare costs. We assess your financial situation and help you determine if you qualify for financial assistance to reduce premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

Ongoing Support and Advocacy:

 We don’t stop at securing alternative coverage. Our team provides continuous support and acts as your advocate, addressing any issues or concerns that may arise during your healthcare transition.

Resource Referrals:

In addition to assisting with healthcare coverage, we connect you with relevant resources and community organizations that can further support your overall well-being. These resources may include healthcare providers, support groups, and additional assistance programs.

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